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As your German call center, we are the ideal outsourcing partner for telecommunications. Whether B2B outbound sales, inbound sales, customer support, back office or chat support - we love talking to customers 🙂 

Call Center Outsourcing

Every successful company is based on an ingenious product and great customer support. In order to keep an agency alive and growing, it constantly needs new customers, who in turn can be won, among other things, through cold or warm calls. In short, sooner or later every company has the need to set up a hotline, live chat, back office team, ticketing system or similar to provide support to existing customers or to acquire new customers. 

Demogency is the ideal partner for small to medium-sized teams that want to outsource their call center completely, or simply need a switchboard operator for B2B sales, or a customer supporter for the hotline or for the chat. In Kosovo, many people speak perfect German and we have now built up a large network that we can access at any time in order to provide the ideal candidate for every job advertisement.


How would a collaboration look like:


Exact profile description and job description




Recruitment Phase


Training Period and Trial Period


Goal setting and ongoing monitoring

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and deals with the optimization of the website for search engines such as Google or Bing. Together with SEA (=search engine advertising), SEO forms SEM (=search engine marketing), which is one of the most important disciplines within digital marketing.

With SEO measures you can reach organic visitors who get to the website via Google search. With SEO, the page not only ranks better for relevant keywords on Google, but also increases brand awareness and online presence within the internet. 

SEO mainly falls into three categories:

1. Technical SEO
Technical SEO improves the technical aspect of the website and ensures that all pages are indexed by Google.

2. On Page SEO
With On Page SEO, the content of the page is optimized by doing keyword research in advance and then creating a content strategy in order to optimize all meta data of the pages for relevant keywords.

3. Off Page SEO
With Off Page SEO deals with increasing the awareness of the website. Backlinks are the most important part of Off Page SEO. The more external websites, blogs or media link to your website as a reference, the more authoritative your website will be and thus enjoy higher rankings on Google. 

Wir würde eine Zusammenarbeit aussehen:


Customer interview and SEO audit to see the current status.


Creation of an SEO Strategy.


Creation of a Content Strategy.


Implementation of SEO measures.


Regular monitoring and reporting.

Call Center Dienstleistungen

Outbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Cold Calling


Customer Support



B2B & B2C Sales

Leave the customers to us

If you outsource your telephony and support activities to us, you not only save considerable costs, but you can take care of your business more because we take care of the customers.